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Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

Eventos Corporativos en Bora Bora con Stephan Debelle

Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

Corporate Events in Bora Bora

MICE in French Polynesia

Please forgive me and to all the other amazing areas in the world, but my heart became captured here a dozen years ago and a good part of it is still anchored to this wonderous island.

Bora Bora is the pure reincarnation of the most perfect romanticism. A true paradise within the turquoise blue of its warm and peaceful waters. There is a reason why it is also known as Pora Pora Mai te Pora in ancient Haitian, which literally means ‘created by the gods’ in this ancestral language, and today it is considered the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’.

In fact, it is thanks to Bora Bora that the idea of Arêna Pacific was born, from my desire to be able to bring as many people as possible to my favourite place on the planet, from my dream of being able to spend more and more time there.

Bora Bora: ‘the island created by the Gods’

One of the memories that makes me smile the most and fills me with peace and positivity is the image of the sunset on the beach of Matira. We would walk along the only road that borders the island and enjoy mingling with the locals. A ‘Ia Ora Na’ -Hello in Tahitian- and a sincere smile at every step, an abundance of children laughing and playing, others riding their bikes, roosters crowing in the wild, curious and friendly dogs, chickens pecking, the rusty squeaks of somewhat rickety cars here and there, groups of friends and families having dinner accompanied by the melodies of their beautiful music, all in the open air… all of it, pure life. Bora Bora is like that. It is an opportunity to finally enjoy it… all whilst feeling like a Polynesian.

Celebrate your Corporate Event in Bora Bora.

A little bit of history

An earthly paradise of 30 square kilometres that is hard to beat. As soon as you approach it by plane its magical image suddenly appearing through the clouds makes your very skin tingle with excitement Landing at Motu Mute, its small and exclusive airport, is simply breathtaking.

The history of Bora Bora is fascinating. It is surprising to know how such a small island can have played a leading role in so many important events and have been such an important enclave in spite of being in the middle of the vast Pacific ocean, far from all the hustle and bustle of the world. If we read about the island’s history, it is surprising to think that it was once an authentic religious and warlike power among the surrounding islands. Many battles took place here between the two rival clans of the territory, but it was also involved in external tribal conflicts with other powerful islands, such as neighbouring Raiatea, with which it fought, in vain, for religious hegemony in the area. A battle in Tahiti in 1810 ended in the defeat of Protestantism against traditionalism on the island, and it was on the return from the fighting in 1816 that Bora Bora warriors brought Christianity to the island and instilled it. The island was a sovereign state until the end of the 19th century, at which point it decided to annex to France.

During World War II, Bora Bora served as a strategic enclave for the American navy because of its unique position in the middle of the Pacific. The American forces had to dynamite passages in the coral reef to gain access to the lagoon with their deep-draft ships. Today, the ships that supply this extraordinary island and its more than 10,000 inhabitants use this artificial pass to reach the island.

A handful of cannons and a few wartime bunkers still remain on the island from that era, which are very interesting to visit during your stay on the island to understand part of its history, and which contrast with the various aboriginal ceremonial sites that can also be visited all over the island.

Bora Bora, whose capital is Vaitape, today depends almost entirely upon tourism. The most luxurious resorts are located on the various islands and atolls around the lagoon. They are undoubtedly the most beautiful and the most amazing locations in the world to celebrate the love of life. And of course, a significant corporate event. Because in Bora Bora, success is also celebrated.

Activities not to be missed within your Business Event in Bora Bora.

There are countless activities to enjoy on this island literally created by the gods. All of them immersed in the most beautiful nature. And when I say immersed, it is because we also offer absolute wonders to be experienced underwater. From swimming to find your own pearls on the neighbouring island of Taha’a, to being the focus of the lens of our photographers ready to offer you the best and most beautiful underwater snapshots.

The best accommodations you could ever imagine whilst celebrating  an Event in Bora Bora.

Bora Bora is an island that grabs you. Unforgettable. Unparalleled. We have a wide range of accommodation where you can prepare your top level corporate event, with the most beautiful meeting rooms in the world, and an endless number of daily activities with which to culminate your day to relax and enjoy even more if possible. We combine work success in the pursuit of objectives with the pleasure and privilege of being alive and able to be part of this unique location that you will never forget.

In order to make your corporate event perfect, we combine the island of Bora Bora with the most beautiful neighbouring islands that make up French Polynesia, such as Tahiti and Moorea, along with a careful selection of incredible small and exclusive private islands such as Motu Nao Nao, the beautiful Tetiaroa – once owned by the late Marlon Brando -, or Nukutepipi, owned by the Candian businessman Guy Laliberté, co-founder of Cirque du Soleil. We will make your celebration an event that will be impossible to beat.

Benefits in terms of engagement and motivation of your team after a Corporate Event in Bora Bora.

The return on this investment will be immensely positive both in terms of productivity, exponentially increasing the performance and motivation of your team, and in the achievement of results, by cultivating a state of mind that facilitates the well-being and commitment of your management and clients to one of the most magical and rewarding experiences they will ever experience in their lives.

It is therefore not surprising that the luxury open-air spas overlooking the sea, famous for using water extracted directly from the depths of the ocean, will bring you the longed-for relaxation that we so often yearn and crave for in Europe, necessary to renew your strength and have a fresh and rejuvenated outlook on life . A place where you can pamper your senses and get the feeling of wellbeing that we all deserve.

Make the most of the moment to seal your love with the most beautiful traditional wedding.

As for those romantics who want to ask for your hand in marriage or record your love in the company of your loved ones, we have the most beautiful ideas for magnificent and spectacular locations to make it possible to unite and celebrate your lives at sunset as a unique memory on the sand against those warm turquoise water backgrounds all overlooked by the imposing Mount Otemanu.

To add even more value to this unforgettable experience, Bora Bora, like the rest of French Polynesia, has an exquisite gastronomy to offer coupled to a careful selection of wines and cocktails. Around the marvellous Matira beach, considered one of the most beautiful and idyllic beaches in the world, we can find a dreamy sandy beach dotted with traditional restaurants where you can enjoy local delicacies and fusion cuisine. An authentic immersion of flavours and aroma that will captivate the most exquisite and sophisticated palates.

If your dreams really could come true, then Bora Bora is that place in the world where they can be completely fulfilled. It is actual heaven on earth, so why not let us now help you make them come true!

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* Photo Credit: Stephan Debelle