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Oahu & Honolulu (Hawaii)

Golf & Surf Events and Gay Weddings in Oahu Honolulu

Oahu & Honolulu (Hawaii)

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The idyllic setting makes Honolulu and the entire island of Oahu an ideal destination for golf, surfing and adventure sports, unbeatable corporate events, gay and traditional weddings, vow renewals and unforgettable honeymoons.  Hawaii and its islands, all distinctly different from each other, are perfect for any type of celebration.

A Golf or Surf event in the Pacific, whatever you choose, it will always be unique and wonderful!

And let us tell you why…

Oahu is the busiest of all the Hawaiian islands.  Its imposing nature, its people and its beaches with turquoise and crystal clear waters all insured that we left a small piece of our hearts behind. Cemented further when we toured the Waimea Valley, deeply rooted in authentic Hawaiian history, culture, spirituality and tradition with one of our local collaborators. It is home to 52 themed gardens and more than 5,000 types of tropical plants, some of which are globally endangered. This enclave is one of Arêna Pacific’s favourite places to celebrate unique moments and occasions. A location that is virtually guaranteed to take your breath away.

Celebrate your Corporate event in one of our favourite destinations.

Hawaii never fails, and film legends such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and James Cameron all acknowledge that they have taken advantage of the islands’ great attributes. Oahu and Kauai in particular. More than 100 films have been shot in Hawaii. The most famous of which is Jurassic Park. Several scenes were shot at Kualoa Ranch on the island of Oahu, a private nature reserve where more than 70 films have been shot and which possess the same kind of rugged landscape as the Na Pali coastline on Kauai.

Oahu’s roads meander through mountains on one side and the sea on the other, where surfers enjoy the waters at almost every beach on the island.

Honolulu is the city with the best quality of life in the United States. A stroll along its beaches and through its parks is enough to see for yourself. We walked through Ala Moana Beach Park, an orchard set between beaches, crowded with people doing yoga, playing volleyball, enjoying family barbecues. In front of the boating marina: the open sea. Dozens of surfers riding perfect waves, children having lessons in the national sport par excellence, regattas, fishing, sports on the sand. Romantic intimate weddings and family vow renewals being conducted on Magic Island and Waikiki Beach.

Physical exercise is deeply ingrained in Hawaiian society. The city also contains an abundance of exquisite restaurants and large open-air shopping malls with the world’s most exclusive and renowned shops.  In the famous Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach, full of life, boutiques, restaurants, bars laden with live music, summer cinema for children… the scene of the disaster caused by the monster in the Godzilla movie was even filmed there!

Visiting Pearl Harbour

To the north of the city is Pearl Harbor, the famous US naval base that was attacked by Japan on 7 December 1941. In just a few minutes and two waves, 353 Japanese planes and 28 submarines destroyed two battleships, the Oklahoma and the Arizona, sank 21 ships and destroyed 170 planes. A total of 2388 people died. This event prompted the US to join the Second World War and to join the Allied side.

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Centre is open to the public and is a free attraction that is highly recommended when organising an event. You can visit the USS Arizona memorial, the battleship USS Missouri, the USS Bowfin Submarine and the Aviation Museum. The experience is fascinating and at times somewhat sobering if you want to get an inside look at a submarine or a battleship. The USS Arizona, the only ship that was not recovered, is still submerged there in memory of the attack.  Elvis Presley organised a benefit concert to raise funds to build the memorial, raising 10% of the total construction cost.

Oahu’s Stairway to Heaven

Haiku Stairs, the famous ‘Stairway to Heaven’, consisting of 3922 steps originally made of wood and since the 1970’s now of metal, running along the crest of Oahu’s Ko’olau mountain range, was created during World War II by US Navy contractors to provide access to the Haiku radio station, which was a top-secret facility for transmitting radio signals to Navy ships plying the Pacific.  After reconstruction plans were initiated in 2003 to open them to the public, the city and county of Honolulu has since decided in 2018 that for safety reasons they should close them permanently. Despite the “no trespassing” signs, some tourists continue to ignore their danger and continue to climb, and climb and climb!

For golf lovers: just a few minutes’ drive from Honolulu, we have another of our absolutely fabulous locations for a destination wedding or an unforgettable corporate event. A world-renowned golf course. Its designers managed to integrate the holes into a terrain framed by ancient, towering jungle trees. It is a paradise hardly surpassed by the majestic mountains that surround it -Olomana and Ko’olau. Locals refer to it as Jurassic Park. This place will leave your guests speechless.  If the theme of your corporate event revolves around this sport, Hawaii, for its landscapes, is undoubtedly the destination par excellence.

Not far from there we find Lanikai beach, located in Kailua. Frequented by turtles.  Lanikai means “heavenly ocean”. It is not only considered to be the best beach in Hawaii, but also one of the best in the world. Today, due to erosion, it is only 800 metres long. It is very common to go and watch the sunrise and also the moon rise (especially during the full moon period) over the two islets located in front of it known as “Nā Mokulua”.

We will soon repeat our visit to the island of Oahu. It is an excuse alone knowing that we have to visit the HAMAUNA BAY NATURE PRESERVE natural park to appreciate the natural Hawaiian life in its maximum splendour with its paradisiacal beach of coloured sand; the Koko Crater to see the whole city of Honolulu and the turquoise waters that surround it and the DIAMOND HEAD, where within its interior there is a volcanic ‘tuff’ (a type of rock made of volcanic ash). Its name “diamond head” has its origin from the belief of British sailors in the 19th century that the rocks that created its formation were precious stones or diamonds.

As you can see, Oahu is an ideal destination for couples. You can celebrate a beautiful, simple and inexpensive wedding on the beach or something more luxurious in the middle of the tropical forests, renew your vows and then enjoy a dream honeymoon. As always our offer is adapted to all budgets.

In Hawaii gay marriages are legal and it is also a fantastic destination for you if you love golf and water sports too.

We also recommend Oahu for original Corporate Events where your executives, employees, clients, suppliers… will be able to enjoy a unique environment and an endless number of magnificent activities.

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