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Maui (Hawaii)

Maui weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons and private or corporate events

Maui (Hawaii)

Corporate Events in Maui

MICE in Hawaii


This tropical paradise consisting of breath-taking scenery, golden sandy beaches and the most incredible marine life makes Maui an ideal destination for Corporate Events and private celebrations such us romantic weddings, vow renewals, family events and honeymoons


Of all the islands that make up the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui is undoubtedly the one that receives the most travellers. It has two main tourist areas: Wailea, to the south of the island, for those individuals who are particularly wealthy, and Lahaina and Kapalua, to the northwest, where five-star hotels rub shoulders with simple beachfront bungalows. Both are recommended for weddings whilst selecting one destination over the other depends on your budget and at Arêna Pacific we ensure that all our potential clients create their unique and beautiful memory.  

   Business Trips to Maui

The whole island is immaculate and meticulously maintained. It is a real life giant garden full of hibiscus, gardenias and palm trees, huge mountains outlined with a velvety green mantle and beautiful beaches with turquoise waters animated by perfect waves that delight children and adults alike. In its interior we find the Haleakala volcano or “house of the sun”, 3005 metres above sea level.  It is inactive and it’s crater is one of the largest in the world. As a recommendation, be sure to visit it at sunrise or sunset for a truly magical experience. 


We landed in Kahului and stayed in Kihei. For days we wandered around the island looking for the most picturesque spots and discovering the best places we could offer to our clients who want to celebrate their weddings, vow renewals, honeymoons, private and corporate events with Arêna Pacific.   

During our daily excursions we enjoyed beautiful beaches. In the south we fell in love with Makena Big Beach, located in a natural park. Turquoise waters and golden sand. It has lifeguards who will keep bathers informed if necessary, as the waves can be quite large and the strength of the sea at this beach should by no means be underestimated!. In the North, our favourites were Napili beach, Fleming beach, Namalu bay (if you can say so, well I think so because it’s my blog 😉 ). That’s why we decided to include one of them in our Top Weddings and Vow Renewals in Maui for those who want to get married facing the sea, with a more contained budget. However if what you require is a more luxurious celebration, then the ideal choice would be one of the most exclusive and luxurious enclaves from our selection in Wailea


Corporate Activities in Maui


Maui offers a myriad of leisure activities. While surfing and golf are the star sports, you can also enjoy snorkelling inside the submerged crater of Molokini, body boarding, fishing, kayaking, excursions to the Haleakala volcano, dolphin and whale watching (during the winter months), trekking, cycling, helicopter tours, visits to botanical parks and waterfalls on the neighbouring island of Molokai, parasailing, traditional Hawaiian “luau” dance performances or simply the chance to swim with friendly turtles, especially on the island’s northwest beaches. For the more adventurous, excursions are now organised from the island of Oahu to see great white sharks from inside submerged cages. As you can see, this wide range of leisure activities makes Maui an ideal destination to enjoy a romantic yet ‘active’ honeymoon as a couple. 


We toured the entire northern part of the island. The beauty, essence and spirituality of Hawaii’s Sacred Valley of Iao is breathtaking. It is wonderful to stop and contemplate it in silence. You can only hear the wind and the spontaneous crowing of some of the hundreds of roosters that roam freely on each of the islands. (They have no natural predators on the Island!) 


The arduous trek to Hana (east end of the island) is a great tourist attraction to enjoy the scenery, waterfalls and black volcanic sand beaches. It’s best to do it with a guide who can help you learn more about the history and legends of the area. Legendary stories are told about places where the gods left their mark. It is interesting to know that this area was inhabited by the first Polynesians between 800 and 500 BC. 

  As you can see, Maui is an ideal destination for a honeymoon, a wedding at sea, a family trip and an amazing corporate event. If you really want to live a complete and unforgettable experience, our suggestion is to combine it with other islands. At Arêna Pacific we help you to design a programme full of activities, energy and as the Hawaiians say “nā haʻalulu maikaʻi” (good vibes). 


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MAUI, rich in flora and fauna, is ideal for celebrating Corporate and Social events as a couple, with family or friends.