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InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

Polynesia is a symbol of luxury, prestige, success and exclusivity.

Surprise everyone with a unique Business Event.



We organise all types of corporate destination events. Ranging from the most luxurious and exclusive to the bespoke and individually tailored.


Our MICE are unique and will always be a vivid memory because we have selected the most wonderful islands of French Polynesia and Hawaii.



We know how important EXCELLENCE is in the field of Business and that is why our aim is to work hand in hand with you to design the perfect Corporate Event, adjusting to all tastes, demands and budgets. Everything you can imagine and desire is within your reach, we are dream makers.

The Benefits of Celebrating Unique MICE in Polynesia

The goal of every company is undoubtedly to increase its sales, build customer loyalty, position its products and have a cohesive and enthusiastic team that is involved every day in achieving the best results.


How do you celebrate your successes and share them with your shareholders? How do you build customer loyalty? How do you reward customers? How do you recompense your suppliers? How do you motivate and recognise the efforts of your employees? Rather simply: Through Business Events in dream destinations.


This type of corporate travel will guarantee a resounding success.  A very positive Return on investment (ROI)  whose benefits will far exceed the capital invested.


Who offers MICE in such exotic, exciting and magical destinations? A company that wants to surprise and above all stand out for its class and originality.

Original Business Events in the Pacific

French Polynesia and Hawaii are enclaves that naturally facilitate any corporate activity, it is our mission to bring out and extract the very best they have to offer and configure an absolutely extraordinary experience.


Throughout the MICE’s preparation and design process, Arêna Pacific will ensure you participate and involve you in every detail of the design, providing a multitude of options and enriching your initial ideas.


We will plan every step with enthusiasm and professionalism, our goal is the complete success and satisfaction of our clients.

Arena Pacific has the best resources for your MICE that each destination has to offer.


Once on the islands, we will accompany you all the way and we will adapt each occasion to guarantee the achievement of your wishes and objectives.


Each island is different, so the first step will be to decide with you which one best suits your celebration and expectations.


Once we have defined the perfect destination for you, an event ‘blue-print’, we will find the most exclusive accommodation, from luxurious overwater bungalows surrounded by the most spectacular coral reefs in the world to unique and private resorts.


In addition, all the islands offer the opportunity of extraordinary meeting spaces with beautiful inland views and direct access to private beaches.




Meeting  and Event Room in Moorea
Meeting Room in Tahiti
Amazing Meeting Room French Polynesia

All you have to do is wish, we make it happen.

In-house Business Events

These are events specifically designed for employees, shareholders and partners.

COMPANY ANNIVERSARIES: A retreat aimed at giving special thanks for the successes achieved by the company. Everyone is a combined part of it and so therefore aimed at employees, the network of collaborators, as well as key customers and suppliers who have contributed over the years to the notoriety of the brand and the prestige of the company.


LUXURY EXECUTIVE RETREATS: Luxury getaways where well-being is a priority and which will serve as an inspiration for the people who run the company. They provide the opportunity to relax, to forget about those ‘European problems’ and associated every day stresses to then decide whilst relaxing in paradise, the objectives to be adhered to in the corporate future.


SHAREHOLDERS’ MEETINGS: A retreat where the majority shareholders can not only celebrate the results but also contribute with enthusiasm, through teamwork sessions to design the trend and direction of the new key decisions for the future of the company.

TEAM BUILDING: These are very enriching activities in terms of integration, communication, cohesion, motivation and stress prevention within an organisation. If we encompass a luxury destination event during the off-peak months, the results will be far greater.



INCENTIVE TRAVEL: Offering this incredible opportunity to your top employees is the way to achieve the best results, the greatest involvement and daily motivation on the part of each member of the company.



AWARDS CEREMONIES: Recognising the effort or success of employees, a team, a sponsor, or any industry group in Polynesia is the most unique way to honour them, reward their dedication and to show your appreciation.

Sunset event Bora Bora
Bungalow French Polynesia

External Business Events

These are designed to build customer loyalty, strengthen relationships with suppliers and enhance brand image. In short, they are aimed at any audience outside the company.

LAUNCHES:To let the market and potential customers know about your efforts and capabilities when introducing new products or enhanced versions of existing ones. Doing so through a target event will undoubtedly guarantee a resounding success in increasing sales among the attendees and, therefore, in the global market.



CONFERENCES, CONVENTIONS AND SEMINARS: With guests attending from all over the world, due to the exclusivity of the destination offered, you will be the ‘talk of the town’ in each of the attendees’ countries. It is a truly fabulous way to position yourselves across the different continents.


INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS: Cooperating on priority issues in a paradisiacal setting will allow you to interact and exchange ideas both during the meetings and later over an island cocktail or two by the sea.

BRAND PROMOTIONS: What better marketing campaign to position your brand than an event and presentation from the Pacific. By also inviting people of great influence among social networks we can guarantee that the strategy will be a total success.



CUSTOMER RECOGNITION AND CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Designed to reward those who purchase and use your products on a recurring basis, least forgetting involvement of your newly acquired customers in order to maintain and increase the global positioning of your products.



CSR & CHARITY EVENTS: Celebrations and gatherings through which you aim to make your guests aware and to participate in a united cause by fund raising to support them.

Event venue Bora Bora
Events by the sea in Moorea
Amazing sunset in Bora Bora
Conrad Bora Bora Nui