Aloha, Ia Ora Na, Bula

Welcome to Arêna Pacific Weddings & Events, an exclusive agency for planning and organising tailor-made Corporate and Private Events on the most exquisite and paradisiacal islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Arêna Pacific, based in Madrid and London, has the support of the dedicated team, recognised partners, suppliers and photographers, all of whom have won awards in the most prestigious international magazines and specialised websites in each sector.


Offering excellence to achieve excellence, the return is guaranteed.


Our commitment is to make dreams come true for those who wish to celebrate a Corporate or Private Event of any kind with a few days of “a la carte” on the most incredible islands of Hawaii and French Polynesia.


Polynesia is a symbol of luxury, prestige, success and exclusivity. Offering the truest of values that you adopt and transmit, all those by which you wish to be recognised and identified. Your brand is unique, original and exclusive.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Warren Buffet

Hotel Andaz

At Arêna Pacific we are committed to discovering and implementing right down to the tiniest of detail, your desire to organise the most incredible and impactful Corporate Event in the Pacific Islands, whatever type of event it may be i.e. Incentives, offsites, meetings, loyalty, etc.

Our Values

We count on the following values to ensure that all our projects are fulfilled:


to create, by taking care of every last-minute detail.


and building bonds with our clients.


always an open hand and a sincere smile, this is how we build our trusted relationships.


and continuous improvement.


and originality.


everyone is welcome, regardless of religion or sexual orientation.

Our Business Lines


As creators of memories we recommend that you take a take a few moments and start to dream… Grab your suitcases and embark…start enjoying what is likely to be the most exciting adventure of your life… To help you fantasise, we present you with our collections:

Corporate Events in the Pacific


At Arêna Pacific we really are committed to MAKE AN IMPACT when it comes to celebrating your successes and allowing you to then share them with your management team and shareholders in the most exciting way possible. We also offer extraordinary ways to build loyalty with your most valuable customers, reward your suppliers or to motivate and recognise the efforts and results of your employees through the organisation of exceptional Corporate Destination Events (MICE).


We offer congresses, sales conventions, company anniversaries, incentive trips, results celebrations, product launches and presentations and numerous kinds of team-building activities.

Private Events in the Pacific


For those people travelling as a couple during their Corporate Events, as well as for those romantics who decide to travel to the Pacific exclusively to celebrate their love, we offer the most wonderful destination weddings, renewal of vows or anniversaries and proposals of marriage. We also offer great ideas to celebrate retirements, graduations, promotions and special birthdays.


If you’re thinking of having an original beach wedding or renewing your vows, you may be wondering if it’s worth hiring a Wedding & Event Planner.


The answer is definitely yes!  Organising a wedding can be one of the most stressful events in a couple’s life, and in addition to then select a venue for a ceremony that is nearly 10,000 miles away, the opportunity of delegating all responsibility (and stress!) to an expert should be taken in an instant.

Our destinations

Let yourselves be carried away by happiness

Polynesia is a vast triangular expanse of 18 million square miles in the Central and South Pacific Ocean. Arêna Pacific has selected three of its unique destinations from over a thousand islands. Hawaii, French Polynesia and Fiji.


Islas Fiji

Polinesia Francesa

All of them volcanic archipelagos, with immense rainforests and waterfalls, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, they also share cultural and artistic traditions as well as a tropical climate whose wet season runs from November to April.