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Kauai (Hawaii)

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Kauai (Hawaii)

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MICE in Hawaii


KAUAI is an incredible destination to host a truly original Corporate Event. Business Events that are beyond our borders and the island of Kauai in Hawaii simply never disappoints. The vast array of activities offered on the island will make your event or celebration an absolutely unique and unforgettable moment.


If Hawaii is too small for you… we will extend your trip to destinations such as California, Japan or French Polynesia.

Celebrate your event on this ‘garden’ island, the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. Created from the summit of a volcano rising from the ocean floor that erupted approximately 5 million years ago.

It is said to be the most beautiful of all the islands in the archipelago. The airport road to the south certainly is, with it’s plush green landscape and beautiful scenery in this area being simply majestic which is why dozens of movies have been filmed on Kauai. Jurassic Park features scenes in several locations such as Manawaiopuna Falls in Hanapepe Valley, Olokele Valley or Mount Waialeale, also known as the “Wall of Tears” because of the effect of the hundreds of waterfalls cascading down the sides.

Our first stop was Poipu Beach.  We had no luck being able to swim in the waters during the days of our visit as the waves were simply too big and the beaches were “closed” for the general safety of the public. This wasn’t actually that disappointing as we were able to just sit and watch the waves instead, captivated by their energy, always so perfect, always so spectacular.

When we got up, we took a few steps on the sand and discovered a large turtle lying surrounded by cones that had been placed all around for its protection and a sign saying: “Do not disturb. Turtle resting”. They take a nap too 😊.

Napali Coast: Trips with helicopter and boat tours

Napali Coast is a sacred place of incomparable beauty. Its cliffs are a deep green colour with affiliated ridges that plunge steeply down to the Pacific Ocean. Large waterfalls cascade down from them and bathe its valleys.  The size of the waves and the force of the sea have played a major role in creating this unique coastal topography.

We were told that not far away, in the Pacific, there was a hurricane. This brought not only waves, but also some strong winds, so we were sadly unable to make the boat trip to see the Napali coastline and the open-roofed sea cave from the sea.

There is also the option of taking a helicopter if you want to see the magnificence of this landscape from the air. The price is not unreasonable. About $475 per person. The boat trip, which lasts longer and includes a barbecue, costs around 200 dollars. This activity, due to its originality, is ideal for people attending a corporate event as well as for honeymooners or families who want to celebrate any event in style.

Amazing Adventures in Kauai during your business Trip

Another excursion is to do an 18km (one way) Kalalau Trail walk from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau Beach along the Napali Coast. It is highly recommended to do it with a guide as the first 3km are challenging and strenuous, but you always have the chance to stop, rest and enjoy the walk and take photos, before heading back in the middle of the day.  

Also, when conditions permit, you can take short guided kayak trips to visit hidden sea caves and remote beaches that are inaccessible by land.

The landscape in the southwest of the island is unlike anything you have ever seen…  – who could imagine that on an island in the middle of the Pacific there could be a canyon some 16 km long!!

Visit Waimea Canyon or “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”

Waimea Canyon emerged about 4 million years ago when Kauai was still erupting. Part of the island collapsed, forming a large depression through which rivers of lava flowed. Since then it has been eroded by the flow of the Waimea River, which has caused a deep incision as a result of heavy rainfall on the central peak of Mount Waiʻaleʻale in the interior of the island.  Mount Waiʻaleʻale is one of the wettest places on earth. At first glance, the two sides of the canyon, separated by a major fault line, are very different from each other but its vastness and multi-coloured rock strata are simply breath taking to see.

According to the American tourists we met, “it is similar to Colorado, but more beautiful, although smaller”.  There is a reason that it is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific or the Mini Grand.

Along the route, which can be done by car or bicycle (there are guided tours), there are many viewpoints to appreciate its beauty from different angles and heights.

Next up for our next visit is the historic Valley House Plantation in the lush hills of Ke’alia, north of Kapaa, a 200-acre property that boasts majestic scenery and an abundance of wildlife.

You can’t miss Kauai in your team building event

Kauai is an island not to be missed. Once again at Arêna Pacific we offer wonderful places to stay during your holiday. We organise beautiful ocean view weddings, honeymoons and exclusive private celebrations and corporate events where you will enjoy fantastic activities such as: golf, surf courses, horse riding, helicopter, boat or bicycle excursions, fishing and hunting with the possibility of a chef to cook your catch privately in your villas, wine tasting, archery, yoga, tai chi, Spa sessions, diving, tennis… In fact just about any other activity you can think of, so please don’t hesitate to suggest it to us. If the island offers it, then with us it will be possible!   

Once again, to enjoy all that’s on offer, we have a multitude of options, adapted and tailored to the differing requirements of our clients.

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KAUAI: business conventions in the Pacific with Golf, Surfing, canyoning, boats, helicopters, hunting, fishing, horse riding, wine tasting and more…