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If you have ever thought of holding an exclusive, original and truly memorable event, we propose a place where all your expectations can be fulfilled. The most spectacular islands of the Pacific, where the organisation of events simply takes things to another level that is probably difficult to beat.


Hawaii, Fiji and French Polynesia, islands full of nature and earthly paradises where everything you dreamed of can come true. At Arêna Pacific we make it easy for you so that all you have to worry about is living with the intensity of the Pacific.


Our greatest strength is organising events for clients who want to make the most of their celebrations, whether they are company events or private events: a wedding, a renew of vows, an anniversary, a proposal, a retirement, a promotion, a graduation or even organising a birthday party or a very special family event.










Courtesy of Hotel Andaz Maui

Event at Waimea Valley
Waimea Valley
Wedding in Waimea Valley with Ke Nui Kitchen
Ke Nui Kitchen
Wedding in Waimea Valley Hawaii
Waimea Valley

French Polynesia

Of the more than 100 small islands that French Polynesia has to offer, none disappoint, all are magical and that makes this destination truly unique for organising private international events or family reunions.


French Polynesia: Cradle and source of inspiration for great actors, intellectuals, writers, painters and singers for decades. Its landscapes attracted artists such as Marlon Brando, Robert Louis Stevenson, Gauguin, Charles Morice, Jacques Brel and Herman Melville.

French Polynesia is particularly romantic for a proposal of marriage or an anniversary. Lagoons surrounding atolls full of ‘documentary-level’ marine life, hotels where the rooms are cabins with all kinds of luxury over the ocean, pleasant walks enjoying the immense and diverse vegetation and fauna.


French Polynesia is a marvellous place where events will be remembered with a smile for life. If we add to this the importance of the fusion of the classic cuisine of the islands with the new trends, even the most demanding event companies take these islands as a place of reference for their celebrations.

Proposal in Bora Bora
Traditional polynesian wedding
Adventure by helicopter in French Polynesia

Fiji Islands

If there is one thing that the Fiji Islands stand out for, it is the mix of cultures and their remote beaches; the film “Shipwrecked” was filmed on the island of Monuriki. The islands are well suited for a corporate event management company or family event organisers and traditional Fijian weddings, which can be legalised once you return to your home country.

Fiji has it all, it combines the comforts that a Hollywood super production needs with paradisiacal landscapes and dozens of activities to do: boat trips, dreamlike diving, enjoy its natural gardens, visits to Hindu temples, stays in magical places… Fiji is definitely the mecca of original corporate events where everyone can enjoy its goodness at a magical level.


So don’t hesitate, if you are planning to organise an event, be it professional, private or family, Arêna Pacific is the best choice as organiser for your international events.

Enjoy Fiji
Adventures by helicopter in Fiji
Caves in Fiji