We can organise your wedding anniversary or renewal of wedding vows at many exotic destinations.

Re-live the love of the first day

A wave caresses the white sands of a pacific island, it has been doing it for many years, centuries, millennia, but it does not get tired. In a continuous way it caresses the sand and in the same constant way the sand caresses the ocean. The sand is always there, the Pacific always comes back, because it never leaves. This epitomises human love, in that we are similar to this remote love, in that the perfect one is eternal. So what better place to celebrate a wedding anniversary on an exotic secluded island in the Pacific.

The Pacific coastlines await you

At Arêna Pacific we propose to eternal lovers and to those who want to celebrate their wedding anniversary in a truly incomparable place, to make this dream come true and that your love is renewed in the same rhythm as the love of the waves is renewed with the love of its sands in an ancestral and magical rite.

As experts in bespoke weddings and wedding vow renewal’s in the remote islands of the Pacific, we propose several scenarios for your wedding vow renewal ceremony on the beach. This fascinating moment for a couple should be celebrated in a magical and unforgettable place where everything will be an unsurpassable experience.

Wedding anniversay in Hawaii


Simply saying the word Hawaii brings a smile to your face: pristine beaches, smiling inhabitants, enveloping nature… Everything is possible in its seductive islands, ideal for celebrating a religious or traditional wedding vow renewal ceremony. Mountains, legends, music and ancestral traditions come together to say “I do” during every sunset in Hawaii.

Renew your vows in Hawaii with Arena Pacific

French Polynesia

When it comes to choosing an island to re-new romantic and original wedding vows, this part of the Pacific is ideal. Its exclusivity and abundant variety of islands is a sure success for any type of wedding vow renewal ceremony, as there is an island or atoll for every dream: Tahiti with its exuberance, Moorea with its bucolic interior landscapes and transparent waters and Bora Bora, the most romantic and exquisite, the dream of any Pacific lover who wants to celebrate their silver and golden wedding anniversary, or a renewal of vows in this paradise.

Renewal of vows in Bora Bora

Fiji Islands

The most remote, the most culturally and ethnically diverse, the most affable and yet so romantic because, like true love, no matter how far away they are, they always remain pure in time. Always with their crystal clear waters, always with their fine sands, always with their visible marine life, always with their flowers, always with their smiling inhabitants.

Wedding anniversary in Bora Bora

Other islands

At Arêna Pacific we are aware that not everyone can have the opportunity to celebrate a golden wedding, renewal of vows or anniversary on a remote island in the Pacific. Therefore, for those couples who cannot travel that far, we have the option of taking you to other islands and paradises closer to home such as Santorini, Menorca or Formentera, where, with the same exoticism, you can enjoy the charm of a privileged environment as well as luxurious hotels, diverse activities and scrumptious food.

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