We organise your dream wedding in Fiji Islands

Create unforgettable memories

As soon as we get off the plane we learn two words: “Bula” which, as well as meaning “hello”, i.e. a form of greeting, when you use it, you wish the other person life, a good life, wellbeing, peace, health and happiness. It is a way for Fijians to ensure that everyone is welcome on the island. That is why “Bula” is always said smiling from the soul outwards, because “Bula” symbolises “life” and everyone who celebrates their wedding in Fiji starts a new life. So “Bula”.

The second word is “Vinaka” which means thank you. As you will see, the people of this idyllic place in Oceania are very polite and courteous.

Discover the charms of the Fijian Islands

Fiji, whose capital is Suva, is a place made up of more than 300 islands, dazzling with its breath-taking landscapes, palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs, tropical rainforests, waterfalls and crystal-clear lagoons. A tropical paradise that attracted actor Mel Gibson, who did not hesitate to buy the 2185-hectare Mago Island in 2005, for which he paid 13 million euros.

Tourism and sight-seeing on the Fijian islands is one of the most rewarding experiences and after a wedding there are countless things to do in Fiji.  You can go snorkelling, whale watching, hiking through tropical rainforests, swimming in warm, crystal clear waters, observe the beautiful marine life and fauna that the place enjoys, always advised by our team, who will show you the most hidden secrets of the islands, as well as tasting food with a smooth and elegant flavour. And of course, enjoy the “siesta” to which the natives are addicted.

A relaxed living environment that is accentuated by the friendliness, affability and cordiality of its inhabitants, known as the friendliest in the world.

Among all types of original weddings, Arêna Pacific invites you to the most remote one.

Happily ever after

A wedding in Fiji, on one of the islands that make up the archipelago, will seal your love forever.

Arêna Pacific will offer you its experience and knowledge of a unique place in the world with the exclusivity of its services.

A team of consultants will meet you at the airport to take you to the hotel which, as you will see, will be located on one of the most incredible beaches in the world and you will enjoy its warm and enveloping waters, in a horizon of infinite visibility.

While you relax, our team will work to ensure that everything is perfect, both in terms of the attire of the bride and groom and the guests, not forgetting the accessories that are so important in this type of wedding and civil ceremony.

Yes I do in Treasure Island Fiji
Wedding rings in a destination wedding in Fiji Islands

The essence of Fiji in every detail

Flowers and plants will be a fundamental part of the event. Everything will be decorated according to the traditions of the island coupled to our western touch.

The petrels (a white-tailed palmiped bird with a white tail, the size of a lark) will appear flying over the waves at sunset, the natives will sound their conches, the offerings will be laid out, local music will accompany the wedding, the master of ceremonies will make a short speech and the bride and groom will smile happily in this remote country after having said: “I do”.

Everything concerning the wedding banquet as well as the subsequent party will be in the hands of our consultants. This is the occasion to taste a variety of exotic flavours such as a ‘ceviche’ with coconut milk, chicken curry, cassava chips, lovo wrapped in banana leaf, rourou as a garnish for fish… accompanied with lava, Fiji’s national drink, a diuretic, analgesic and anxiolytic. Our experienced chefs will prepare the menus taking into account also the suggestions of the guests, so that everything, as we said before, flows. So…BULA.