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Aloha and welcome to our Hawaiian wedding, an event that you will remember with a beautiful smile for the rest of your life. First of all, the music that is playing accompanied by the ukulele, the puniu (a coconut shell drum) and the singing of a deep yet soft voice will accompany you for most of your stay on the island, settle quietly in the room overlooking the Pacific and enjoy all the luxuries that we have reserved for you because what follows will probably be the most amazing experience of your life, a traditional Hawaiian wedding in the first instance.

Let Hawaii captivate you

Hawaii is an archipelago, formerly known as the Sandwich Islands, which is made up of nine islands, reefs and sandbanks. The archipelago takes its name from the largest island called Hawaii.

You’ll find beaches, smiling inhabitants and powerful nature.

The originality of Hawaii is that you can find, among many other things, white, black, red and green sandy beaches, but there are also jungle and volcanic beaches, all of them dreamlike, with spectacular ocean views and beautiful bays and secluded coves.

Immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture

It is an ideal place to celebrate a religious, traditional or civil wedding. Legends, music and ancestral traditions will accompany visitors during their stay in the archipelago. There will be no shortage of water activities: surfing, snorkelling, canoeing, diving, fishing, paddle boarding…..

You won’t be able to fully immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture if you don’t try its gastronomic diversity, including dishes that can only be tasted on the spot, such as light and fresh snacks with an Asian influence, lomi lomi (slow-roasted salmon with crushed tomato and onion), poke (raw tuna marinated with sesame seeds and seaweed), opihi, one of the most exotic dishes you can try in Hawaii: a small mollusc that only inhabits this region…

Naturally, the environment has given rise to the birth of artists and craftsmen who use the raw materials of the archipelago. Some traditional crafts such as the art of carving the ivory of the ancient whaling people are very popular.

Just as the waves on the beaches of Hawaii caress the sand without tiring after centuries and centuries, your love will be just as tireless and eternal.

Enjoy the traditional ceremony

A traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony is a succession of rituals, where neither the Holuku nor the Haku Lei should be missing.

The Holuku is the Hawaiian wedding dress, made by the women of the island. It is long, white and made with the best raw materials. It will be accompanied by the Haku Lei or pikake necklace, a typical Hawaiian flower.

Hawaiian marriages are celebrated primarily on white sandy beaches and always with the soothing sound of the sea close by. The Kahuma or master of ceremonies will officiate the wedding. The conch shells will begin to sound as the bride and her entourage arrive on the beach.

The groom will wait for her in his traditional costume adorned with a red belt, then both will enter the traditional circle made up of tropical flowers of the island known as the ‘circle of love’. There the Leis will be exchanged and the magic will happen.

Gay weddings in Hawaii

Dream Big

Traditional music will play in a soft and gentle way, the bride and groom will declare their love for each other, their loved ones will intervene, read their wishes and memories. Rings will be exchanged, a kiss and the traditional hourglass ritual will take place.

The sacred conch shell will sound, silence will fall and we will move on to the wedding banquet, where the creativity of our chefs will cater to all the tastes and needs of your guests, under the moonlight and a star-studded sky.

If a traditional wedding is not what you had in mind, consider that we also offer religious and civil weddings, also for the gay community, in incredible locations such as secluded beaches, gardens in front of the sea at the most exclusive resorts, waterfalls, plantations and golf courses.

Kali Makou, which means: “we are waiting for you”.

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