What to do in Oahu

Oahu and Honolulu

Activities in Hawaii

Oahu is a symphony of culture, history, and natural wonders that will captivate you from the very beginning.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories during your visit to this Hawaiian gem!



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What to do in Honolulu

Get ready for an epic adventure in Oahu, the vibrant and most populous island in Hawaii, home to the amazing capital, Honolulu!


Here, exciting and cultural experiences await you that will leave you in awe.


Let’s start with a visit to Pearl Harbor, a historic site that will transport you to the most impactful moments of World War II. You’ll explore the iconic USS Arizona Memorial and feel the intensity of history in your veins.

Next, head to the legendary beaches of Waikiki, where the sun shines its brightest. Hold on tight because an exciting surfing session awaits you! And when night falls, Waikiki comes alive with a lively nightlife that will make you feel like a movie star.


Don’t forget to pack your hiking shoes because a hike to the top of the majestic Diamond Head crater will reward you with breathtaking panoramic views of Honolulu and its surroundings. It’s an opportunity to feel like a true adventurer!



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What to see in Oahu

Embark on an amazing adventure in Waimea Valley, a true Hawaiian paradise! Here, majestic waterfalls, lush vegetation, and a rich cultural heritage await you. Discover panoramic views on its hiking trails, immerse yourself in its crystal-clear waters, and admire its unique biodiversity. With cultural festivals and vibrant events, every moment in this oasis will surprise you and connect you with the essence of Hawaii.


Those who love underwater secrets will be fascinated at Hanauma Bay. Snorkeling in its Marine Reserve will allow you to discover an underwater world full of tropical fish and vibrant corals.


But wait, the fun doesn’t end there. Explore the wild and magnetic North Shore of Oahu, famous for its breaking waves that attract fearless surfers from around the world. And don’t forget to stroll through the charming historic village of Haleiwa; you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical dream.


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Adventures in Oahu

To immerse yourself in authentic Hawaiian royalty, visit the majestic Iolani Palace, the former royal residence that will immerse you in the fascinating history of Hawaii.


If you’re a biking adventurer, you’ll feel like paradise in Kailua! You’ll pedal through its streets and beaches, discovering charming local shops and captivating landscapes.


Surfer or not, the North Shore has an indescribable charm! Here, a cultural paradise awaits you at the Polynesian Cultural Center, where dances, music, and crafts will immerse you in the rich Polynesian tradition.


Finally, for a spectacular ending, let yourself be amazed by the sunset at Ko Olina Bay. It’s the perfect place to relax and watch the sun bid farewell to the day with a burst of colors that will take your breath away.


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